The Top Palisade Wineries You Need To Visit This Year

The Top Palisade Wineries You Need To Visit This Year

Nestled among breathtaking landscapes, Palisade is making a name for itself among wine enthusiasts seeking an exceptional blend of natural beauty and exquisite flavors. Palisade boasts a unique microclimate and diverse terrain with its fertile soil and sunny weather, making it ideal for cultivating world-class grapes. As such, winemakers are honing their craft, specializing in the grapes that grow best in the high desert climate, and improving the quality of their output each year.

The Palisade wine community offers a variety of events throughout the year, including harvest festivals and exclusive festivals. You will surely find a new way to celebrate the local viticultural atmosphere, be introduced to wine and food pairings to delight your taste buds, and be immersed in the world of wine with fellow enthusiasts and experts. If you want to experience Palisade's gorgeous views, rows of pristine vineyards, and exceptional local wines, these Palisade wineries should be on your list this year to get you started.

Varaison Vineyards and Winery

Housed in a stately 1904 Victorian-style brick house, Varaison Vineyards and Winery offers a world-class wine experience for guests. The home was purchased by Ron and Kristin West in 2004 with the goal of turning their scientific knowledge of and expertise in winemaking into an elegant farming viticulture experience. The family-operated winery is committed to producing Old World-style wines that are defined by their rich, distinctive flavors. With a tasteful ambience, exclusive wine tastings, private gathering accommodations, an event pavilion, and an elegant dining room, you are sure to be thrilled at Varaison.

Maison la Belle Vie Winery

This 4.5-acre vineyard produced its first vintages in 2006, which include Merlot, Syrah, Rosé, Muscat, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Maison la Belle Vie Winery focuses on quality, taste, and elegance in its wines. This "House of Beautiful Life" offers a serene ambience and is a gorgeous venue for both formal and casual events. Recently acquired by Nicholas and Holly in 2021, they have maintained traditions and recipes by the original owners while continuing to expand their offerings. In addition to excellent wines, the bistro offers delightful dining experiences, like seasonal lunches, specialty dinners, and a famous charcuterie board.

Carlson Vineyards Winery

Carlson Vineyards Winery is a family-owned-and-operated vineyard that started with founders Parker and Mary Carlson in 1981 when they planted a few vines on four acres. Within a few years, they established their winery in a 1930s-era fruit-packing shed. The couple's idea was to have fun crafting unpretentious fine wines that people enjoyed drinking. Their hobby eventually grew into one of Colorado's most highly recognized wineries. Finally purchased and now run by a new husband and wife team, Garrett and Caitlin Portra, Carlson Vineyards still exudes passion for the region and for curating award-winning wines. With a fun and playful spirit, Carlson Vineyards produces premium wines with interesting names, like Cougar Run and Laughing Cat. Stunning views and distinct flavors make this a must-stop winery on the Palisade's Fruit Wine Scenic Byway.

TWP Winery

Just outside of downtown Palisade, this oasis sits at the foot of Mount Garfield. The Traveler listed TWP Winery as number two on its list of the 10 surprise wineries to visit throughout the world. Shari and Edwin find joy in entertaining, and this South African-inspired retreat is the perfect mountain escape where nature entertains and wines delight. TWP Winery uses minimalist winemaking methods to produce unfiltered wines that are complex, natural, and elegant. Wine tastings are by reservation only. Stay at this hidden gem and discover comfort, style, and gorgeous views in a rustic but luxurious atmosphere.

Hermosa Vineyards

A cozy winery, Hermosa Vineyards is another award-winning destination that is dedicated to hand-crafted fine wines. Its goal is not to be one of the biggest wineries but one of the best, and according to major publications like American Towns Media and Travel and Leisure, it is succeeding. First purchased in 1993, the farm was converted from an apple orchard to a vineyard with 17 grape varieties and 15 sweet cherry varieties. With two producing vineyards that benefit from the sunny days and water from the snow-capped peaks, a tasting room was added and is an evolving passion of Hermosa's owner.

Talon Wines at the Meadery

With a long history in the wine industry, the Foster family took a leap of faith when jumping into Colorado's growing wine industry in 1995. As they continued to hone their winemaking skills and understanding of the science behind it, they learned how to intertwine science and art for the best wines possible. In 2005, the Fosters opened a small wine shop called the Colorado Wine Room to showcase the best wines from the state. The family formed Talon Wines to produce their own award-winning wine under three distinct labels. The company is known for classic, fruit-forward wines from Colorado-grown grapes.


With over 70 acres of vineyards, Colterris holds the distinction of being Colorado's largest estate-grown winery. Meaning "from the Colorado land," Colterris's challenge is to make world-class wines that stand the test of time. The company is proud to state that its wines are 100% estate-grown, bottled, and produced. Taking advantage of the favorable climate and Colorado River waters, Colterris winemakers ensure they remain one of the best Palisade wineries. Colterris features multiple locations. The Overlook features gorgeous panoramic views of the Colorado River, which you can appreciate while you sip a glass of wine amongst the orchards, vineyards, and gardens. Enjoy the large indoor seating area at the Collections tasting room while experiencing the limited Estate Selection Wines. The Production site and the Winery tasting room are more prime locations for tasting wines.

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